How to Prep Your Sellers for a Photo Shoot

You are making the right choice by hiring a professional photographer to take pictures for your listing.


They might be the best photographer in the whole state but if the house isn’t ready for pictures, it’s going to make their job much more difficult if not impossible.


The photographer is an artist, so they are able to highlight the best features of the home but as the listing agent, you want to get the most of out of these photos.


This means helping your seller prep for this photo shoot.



Start at the driveway or curb of the house and go through this checklist:


Clear outside clutter

Remove all outside clutter and put away simple things like yard equipment and roll up your lawn hoses. If you have outdoor furniture, set it up nicely, even prepare for a pretend outdoor dinner. The curbside appeal really matters.


Clear surfaces of personal items

For many sellers, the countertops are where you charge your phones, store messages and notes. Those items should be put in drawers, out of the pictures. Not only does it look cluttered, but there are also privacy issues with high-resolution photos. Leave your address book out and it will likely be legible, which is not something you want. The same is true with the refrigerator; make sure magnets with images of faces, friends and children are removed.


Tidy the bathroom

First things first, put down the toilet seat. Be cautious of privacy issues and stowing personal items like medication, as well as toothbrushes and loofahs. Do your best to make this area look clean and fresh as it is scrutinized by potential buyers.


Prepare windows and lights

Window images can be truly when all the windows are sparkling clean, and the window shades and blinds opened. The same goes for lighting. It’s easy to have bulbs looked at or replaced before the photographer arrives so as they take the photos, the lights can be on, which makes for beautiful ambient lighting.


Use a garage for storage

Moving can be messy, even for tidy sellers. If you have boxes and packing supplies, use the garage as a storage unit. The inside of the garage is not typically photographed. As such, it’s the best place for storage. Use it to hide garbage cans, trash, or large items, and of course you can pull your car in it as well. Have a clear driveway is a must for the front of the house photos.


Make a plan for pets

Make a plan for your pets on the day of photography. Don’t just lock them in a room and expect the photographer to work around a dog. Take them out with you or for an afternoon of boarding somewhere. It is important that the photographer can get in and out for the best results.


As an agent, it is your responsibility to create the best possible listing for your seller. Having the right photos is the first step towards that goal

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If you want to increase your listings in the Miami real estate market, professional photography is the best way to start. The price of the photo shoot, whether it is standard pictures, drone shots, or even staging, is minimal compared to the reputation you will build with great photos.

Miami Luxe Images is the one call you should make. Listings move quickly in this market so having a reliable photography team is a necessity. The sooner your listings is in the MLS, the sooner it will sell. When you have a strong working relationship with vendors, real estate is so much easier and having a photography contact you can reach quickly is a great way to impress sellers, which will boost your reputation.


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