Night Photography and Real Estate

Most real estate pictures are taken during the day.


When a buyer is scrolling through listings, they can all start to look similar.


Then, a night photo pops up.


The pictures are eye catching and different.


They stand out from the others due to the contrast between the warm interior lights and a blue evening sky.





The homes that work best for twilight shoots are those that have a lot of outdoor lighting or areas of water such as a pool or a lake.



They’re usually taken in the period between 5 and 10 minutes after dusk. The lighting in the house must be level with the lights outside to create the necessary balance.


A professional photographer will know how to find that balance and how to showcase your home in the best possible way.


Did you know that buyers frequently say a night photo reaffirms the need for shelter and safety?


The property looks inviting at night, and that is a great selling feature when a listing can’t legally come right out and state the home is safe.


Emotions sells houses and evoking a feeling of calm and security is a smart way to start the buying process.



As a homeowner or real estate agent, you should have all the lights on inside and outside.


The photographer will waste valuable time trying to find all the switches and dimmers.


You can stick around to help them turn off unnecessary lights as well as maybe take out one or two bulbs in a grouping.


The glow of the lights inside the home, the absence of shadows, and of course a picturesque sunset in the background will create a visually appealing image.


There’s something everyone loves about seeing a sunset with a beautiful house in the foreground.


Want more Miami Real Estate Listings?

If you want to increase your listings in the Miami real estate market, professional photography is the best way to start. The price of the photo shoot, whether it is standard pictures, drone shots, or even staging, is minimal compared to the reputation you will build with great photos.

Miami Luxe Images is the one call you should make. Listings move quickly in this market so having a reliable photography team is a necessity. The sooner your listings is in the MLS, the sooner it will sell. When you have a strong working relationship with vendors, real estate is so much easier and having a photography contact you can reach quickly is a great way to impress sellers, which will boost your reputation.


Miami Luxe Images is a Real Estate Photography & Videography company in Miami that provides professional media to help agents sell properties.

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