5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

As a real estate agent, you know how important first impressions are.


You stay updated with your education, your networks, and your marketing.


Do your listing photos represent your best efforts?


If you aren’t sure, it is time to consider a professional real estate photographer.




Here are 5 reasons you should use a professional photographer:


-Today’s real estate is bought and sold online. Buyers go right to the online listing to see homes for sale, and if your listing pictures aren’t great, they will move on. Do you want to lose sales based on mediocre photography? This is your first place as an agent to make a great impression about the home and about your abilities.


-Want to get paid faster? A Redfin study conducted in 2019, showed that professional photos boost the speed at which a home sells. Even in today’s market, everyone benefits from a faster sale.


-Social media is a great way to promote to, target, cross sell, funnel, and connect your audiences with your listings. Professional photography presents you images to use for months. Think of not only the sale of that listing but what you can do with the images to show off the properties you have sold.  With a few clicks of a mouse these photos can be seen and shared by hundreds of people in your professional and personal network for free. Word of mouth is now click of mouse.


-Save time with a professional photographer. As great as you think you are at taking photos, you probably won’t be able to capture the right lighting, angles, or feel of the property.


-Stand out from the competition. Night photos, drone photos, staged photos, the list goes on. Does your listing stand out from the hundreds of others with a simple set of images? Probably not. It is crucial to have a professional eye looking at the property and making the most of every aspect.





As a real estate agent, you encourage sellers to not try a For Sale By Owner. Why would you try a photo shoot without a professional? Use their expertise, avoid personal stress, and have a better real estate transaction from start to finish.



Want more Miami Real Estate Listings?


If you want to increase your listings in the Miami real estate market, professional photography is the best way to start. The price of the photo shoot, whether it is standard pictures, drone shots, or even staging, is minimal compared to the reputation you will build with great photos.


Miami Luxe Images is the one call you should make. Listings move quickly in this market so having a reliable photography team is a necessity. The sooner your listings is in the MLS, the sooner it will sell. When you have a strong working relationship with vendors, real estate is much easier. By having a photography contact you can reach quickly sellers will be impressed, which will boost your reputation.


Miami Luxe Images is a Real Estate Photography & Videography company in Miami that provides professional media to help agents sell properties.

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